Create a professional brand identity that will help you to make an impact online delivered by Anna North-Row. This 1h visual brand identity call with Anna, an e-book about design elements and visual brand identity and audit worksheet will help you to improve your online visibility and make your website and Social Media presence on sparkle!

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  • Anna North-Row

    Luxe Brand Stylist, Branding & Marketing Strategist

    Anna North-Row

    Hi, I’m Anna North-Row and I’m here to help you to bring sophistication, style and sparkle to your online presence so you can get more sales and start attracting the right clients effortlessly.As an International Marketing and Branding Strategist, Luxe Brand Stylist and Business Advisor, I combine 16 years of work experience, strategies, design and expertise into working with my clients. I show you step by step “how” to get the results you desire.By running my own business as well as designing, building and developing websites in WordPress, I know exactly what works, what doesn’t and what mistakes to avoid. Trust me, I know how it feels to do everything by yourself without any help. I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I’m here to help you.Do you know that you have only three seconds to make a positive first impression when your ideal client visits your website and online space? Let’s make it to be the best impression your visitor can get!